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The War Report

This page is meant to dismantle and call out...

Ok, lets touch the subject on a few matters. The Teabaggers...a bunch of inbreeds that are mad at the fact there is a so-called liberal Latina Supreme Court Justice, openly gay member of the U.S. congress, Barney Frank, and a so-called liberal U.S. president, Barack Obama!

Lets add to the fact that these morons are being used by the republican party to further the greedy rich agenda without regard to poor Americans and the struggling middle class, which many of the teaparty people are.

Its funny how because of their very racist/violent overtone, they will vote against their own self interests because they think that this Black president will give big government welfare to other poor Black and Latin people, which very wrong. But lets face it, most of these dumb asses are just mad that someone who does not look like them are running the White House. Hence that BS saying "I want my country back".

Most of these chunks of puss are dirt poor and by the looks of it, totally uneducated. You can see that by how they love to talk over people and appear to be educated but still sound like a RETARD ON CRACK THAT IS A MEMBER OF THE PALIN FAMILY! Rich republicans use these dumbasses to further the greed, racists, political agenda of that snake, Ronald Regan. This ass wipe used his clout and the oval office to deregulate the banking industry and lie about healthcare to millions of scared Americans.

In other words Regan made it possible for rich old white guys to become even richer by screwing over poor and middle class people, without suffering punishment by the law.

Funny how stupid ass people like Sarah Palin and that girl with the shit for brains, Michelle Malkin whom are both opportunist that could not lead a dog walk, supported him and others when in reality if Regan or that scum bucket Nixon, were alive, they would pay both ladies $5 to go away. It's ok ladies, I understand, you want to feel important in the anglo saxon male world of money, power, and deceptive politics. You both want to hang with the big boys and feel like you are apart of the crowd, no matter how stupid you both look doing so. Especially that Malkin girl. You got your fellow Asians trying to whip your sellout ass. Keep kissing that Fox News ass, you will be out on the curb as soon as they get sick of you crouching tiger. I am not sure how Regan would handle the super house niggers like....oops Micheal Steele, Amy Holmes, and that E.T. look alike, Alan Keyes.

You know I never understood why these people, you know house slaves still ran with master. I mean why pledge your devotion to a political party and movement that really does nothing in the political/social interest for the masses of Americans and caters towards fear, lies, racism, deceptions, and complete greed? So what you are the republican national party leader house boy...I hear you on your way out for using their money in the wrong manner;how typical for a republican. The republicans only promoted you because of President Obama and the republicans didnt want to look like a bunch of 1950's racists. You are being used Tobi. Come on time to be Kunta Kente again. Layout by CoolChaser